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poverty, it didn't provide a way to change ghettoization, it didn't reach the full goals that the participants in the civil rights movement were really aspiring to of freedom, of power. and so what you had in the starting really in '66 it became a very big call was a question, black power. how do we build black power? there were dozens of organizations in most major cities asking this question and trying to thub it. think about it. there were a lot of different kinds of approaches. one important kind of theoretical answer to this was to say we're not just going to, you know, it's not that we just want to be part of america. america as it's constituted is an imperial power, and we need to challenge that imperialism as part and parcel of the colonial struggle not only in africa, but nationally. so there were organizations in the bay area asking that question on a small scale. one organization called the rove louis their action movement, both bobby seale and huey newton participated and drew a number of ideas from there, but there were different kinds of answers, right? and
emerges as the next leader of the catholic church, change is on the way. and the protesters we saw today were detained by police, making for a very intense moment in what was otherwise a peaceful day. we met pilgrims from europe, latin america, asia, they were singing, cheering, they were rooting for the cardinals from their own countries. in some ways, it really felt like a little bit of a soccer match out there. >> cecilia, thanks so much. >>> i want to turn now to father john wauch of rome via chicago who has been watching all day the conclave. we heard cecilia talk about the crowds. you were saying to me, it was a different feeling you had out there today. >> i think that what you see is, once the conclave has begun, there's a change in the air. there's a change in the tone surrounding the vatican. >> taking this seriously, knowing this matters? >> you could say that the opening of the conclave, with the music and the hymns and the pageantry of it, the prayer, casts a spell, almost, on the city. and the people in the square this evening, waiting for the smoke, i think, you get a sens
the streets are going to change. they are putting in a huge arch. the with that they have reconfigured this street each will try to bring traffic near more businesses. grant has more of the details. >> it is called the route 238 improvement project and the city of hayward was nice enough to insure this fancy animation. to share this. interstate 580 itself and industrial parkway. downtown hayward is the loop. this will be one way. up and around and back again and start at fort hill and to mission other changes. the one-way traffic started a few moments ago. they have been adjusting and the $100 million project should be completely ready by monday morning. crews will be busy all weekend making some big changes to traffic in downtown hayward. some roads are being turning into one way streets. it's called the hayward loop. the changes could help businesses. the height of the project. they're hoping the changes will make it easier for people to shop. as we prepare for the saint patricks day festivites. set to fall on a sunday this year. officers all across the bay area want to remind driver
to get a check of the weekend forecast. kind of raisey today, overcast. >> yes. changes are on the way. >> yes. changes include rain. a lot of high cloud cover right now. you can look towards san francisco. skies aren't clear. temperatures now 59 in san francisco. 55 half moon bai. other areas into the 60s from our tv we're looking at a view of heavenly. people enjoying nice skiing now. feels like spring up there. there is a chance of snow coming to the tahoe area next week. temperatures 72 in santa rosa and livermore, here is what ahead this evening if you're stepping out. coastal fog in the morning. by afternoon, bright, sunny. upper 50s to mid-70s, i'll have the forecast and when that rain will appear in a few minute autos thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 a driver makes a stop and then, gets fired. what this video caught him doing on the job. >> what is to blame for a slump in video game sales? >> then, celebrating a big traffic project in the east bay. the big chaifrkz coming to downtown hayward starting tonight that could speed up the ride. >> michael finney taking
and gay marriage rather than the prophetic teaching that's i go unite us like climate change or meeting the needs of the world's poor. >> we've heard a lot of talk about cardinal o'malley from boston. he is 68 years old, credited with cleaning up scandal there's palm beach as well as boston. another organization has been reluctant to post names of offending priests on their website. but there is at least one article that refers to a dozen or so cardinals they believe should not be participating and part of the statement from the daily beast article says as cardinals arrived in rome to choose a flew pontiff, victims of sexual abuse have laid out their case against the top contenders and say even the best options are tainted by the global scandal. do you believe even the best options are tainted? or perhaps there is hope that the person who emerges, a person who come from behind that scarlet curtain there will perhaps bring the church to the next necessary point? >> well, the holy spirit works in mysterious ways and i can't say whether or not the church can fully recover from the abuse sc
been injured, many of those were life changing injuries. estimated 134,000 iraqi civilians have been killed with thousands more injured. the bush administration started the war because they claimed iraq had weapons of mass destruction. a claim that was eventually proven false. but there were successes, such as removing saddam hussein from power and the establishment of democratic elections. >> reporter: the financial cost of the wore calculated at $2.2 trillion. a recent gallop poll surveyed 52% felt the invasion of iraq was a mistake. >> >> tomorrow, installation of pope francis. vice president joe biden will be leading the delegation. today, pope francis met with the president of his home country, argentina. kristina fernandez. she said she asked the pontiff to help settle argentina's dispute with the uk own the falkland islands. >> >> march madness is under construction here at hp pavilion. great for the fans, an economy onto itself. >> >> back here in 10 minutes, you noticed increasing clouds. there is rain in your future. how much you could get and what areas that will see the m
being pulled. making the shooter perhaps change his plan instead of mass murder, he killed himself. shep? >> shepard: phil, any idea from authorities yet on a motive? >> not much here. the university was actually in the process of evicting him because he had yet to pay for this semester. he was a college junior majoring in business. the school has absolutely no record of ever receiving psychological counseling, no record of any student conduct issues. and he was still living in his dorm room with three roommates who, according to ucf, describe him as a loner with few friends. >> actually, the roommate was surprised. the roommate said that he exhibited some antisocial behavior previously, but they had no reason to believe they had never seen him with a weapon. they had never seen him with ammunition. they had no reason to believe that he was going to show any kinds of violence whatsoever. >> all classes at ucf do resume tomorrow and that tower, tower one, the residence hall is now totally back open. so about 500 displaced students all day can finally get back to their rooms, shep. >> shep
, is now offering to plead guilty next change for life behind bars. holmes' lawyers want to avoid the death penalty. and jared loughner is the shooter who killed six people and wounded gabby giffords. his parents took away the shotguns and dabisabled his cart night so he couldn't leave. david, the white house has tried to use political capital to pass gun legislation. what are we expecting to hear from the president in the next hour? >> i think he's going to make the same statements as before and tie what happened in newtown to what he's trying to do and hammer home some of the main points, whether he may or may not get some of the biggest issues he's going for, like a ban on high-capacity magazines, a ban on assault weapons. it's not going to happen probably but he's going to push hard on background checks and make this a personal case again. with the family members. that's been his most powerful, you know, sort of point so far. he did it right after the shooting, as you nopknow, and i think the white house will hit home the same message. >> and you're reporting that senator chuck grassley
conservative. in a cnn exclusive, senator rob portman explains the personal reasons behind his change of heart. >>> and a bizarre and tragic medical mystery. a man dies after receiving a transplanted kidney tainted with rabies. how could this happen in the united states of america? how many other people are at risk right now? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." forget all those wacky scenes of north korea's leader joking around with dennis rodman. the united states, the obama administration, right now taking the north's threats of a nuclear attack very seriously. the pentagon has just announced it will beef up america's defense missile systems out on the west coast. in california, oregon, washington state. let's go straight to cnn's pentagon correspondent chris lawrence, watching what's going on. chris, a lot of us are stunned by this decision but update us on what is going on. >> wolf, we just came out of a briefing where we learned the pentagon is going to spend a billion dollars to put new intercepter missiles on the west coast. now, that plan includes react investigating a mi
book that wants to make the argument that actually change people's lives and actually changed the culture. it came under criticism more recently for not only reflecting the lives of small business people, for not talking about a working-class women that have no choice but to work all along and not talking about people love of their sexual preferences who may have already found themself out of the conventional life. but what i want to do a little bit today is talk about the ongoing power of this classic. i recently talked this book at nyu a couple of whom are here in this audience who do not ever hesitate to tell me if something is boring and they're important attention. it is amazing to me that the class comes to life and the book spoke to them and interesting ways. i want to talk about the war the feminine mystique and whether it still presses and it's complicated because we live in a world that has been so transformed in this book and in the movement that followed most of us in the room who were born after "the feminine mystique" came out. it's hard to imagine those days at
costello on this big day for the markets. tom, thanks. changing coming soon to an airport near u. ever since the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters to force down aircraft, the tsa has banned passengers from using knives from boarding the planes with them. now it's changing course, allowing some, but not all knives, and larger items, like golf club and ski poles, and if you must, pool cues, whiffle ball bats and lacrosse sticks. nbc's pete williams has more on all of this from washington tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. tsa says this will relieve the screeners from having to search for small knives and other objects that cannot do catastrophic dame to an airplane and to focus instead on the much more serious hazards. starting next month, tsa will partly lift the restriction that's been in place for 11 years, blocking passengers from bringing knives on board. it's an effort, says tsa, to devote more attention to the most serious threats. >> we are trying to focus on the highest risks, that being the non-metallic improvised explosive devices. and we don't want t
with some other situations, maybe made him change his mind at that point and he took his own life. >> reporter: police say sebucamaron pulled the fire alarm and believe he did so to get other students out of their rooms. the report shows the tactical rifle came from an l.a. gun shop. after the bomb squad cleared the scene, students were allowed back in the dorm and counselors are now being provided. now, police have not offered a motive for the attack plan. school officials say the student who shot himself was not registered for the current term and that they were involved in the process of moving him out of the dorm when this incident occurred. brian? >> as we say, it appears we came very close. mark potter starting us out from miami tonight. mark, thanks. >>> weather is making news across parts of our country tonight. here we are 48 hours before the arrival of spring, officially. people have had it with winter. you can't blame them. however, more of it is on the move tonight. weather channel meteorologist eric fisher with us now at the big map. eric, good evening. >> good evenin
an insurgent means to transform poverty. it didn't provide a way to change ghettoization and it didn't reach the full goal to the participants in the civil rights movement of freedom and power. what you have is really an in 66 it became a big cause. but power, how do we build black power? there were organizations in most major cities asking this question and try to think about it. there were a lot of different kinds of approaches. one important kind of answer to this was to say we are not just going to come its not that we just want to be part of america. america is an imperial power and we need to really challenge that imperialism and part them parcel the anticolonial struggles not only in africa but internationally. so there are or organizations in the bay area asking that question on a small scale. one organization is called armchair revolutions of the revolutionary -- and both bobby seale and huey p. newton participated. but there are four different kinds of answers. nothing had really emerged to tap that power of disruption. and what huey p. newton and bobby seale did that really starte
2028. >> >> big changes could be coming to the republican party as a result of mitt romney's loss in the last presidential election. there was a long report released from the republicans and what changes they say they have to make if they want to stay competitive. rob? >> reporter: many republicans are calling the 98 page report a makeover. after republican candidate mitt romney lost the presidential election last november, party leaders ordered an "autopsy" on what went wrong. findings were released >> we need to do a much better job of crafting our message to appeal to demographics. >> >> reporter: the report said they need to do a better job to reach out to minority voters, especially latino voters. -- . >> a member of the contra costa republican party said they should be tailored to all americans, not just a certain group of people. >> the message should be we will provide opportunities without regard to the color of your skin. >> the report your honors republicans to reach out to women. >> marketing politics is like marketing a produ
, the california odd couple. and our sunday panel on how the justices' decision this summer will or won't change the political landscape. then -- >> let us pray. >> -- ministering to an unpopular flock. an easter conversation with the chaplains of the u.s. house and senate. i'm candy crowley and this is state of the union. >>> we will get to senator lindsey graham in a moment. but first, authorities are texas are hunting for leads this morning in the murder of a county prosecutor and his wife. mike and cynthia mcclellan were shot to death inside their home in kaufman county in dallas. that is the same place this assistant district attorney, mark hasse, was gunned down in january, outside the county courthouse. i want to bring in cnn's ed lavendera, who is in kaufman. ed, tell us the latest. >> reporter: candy, this is a situation that is sending shivers down the spines of many peep who live hoar in kaufman county, texas. almost exactly two months after an assistant prosecutor here in kaufman county was gunned down as he was walking into the courthouse, a brazen attack, the district attorney, his
and change whereas brent is so high and of course, our gasoline is priced up at brent because of the mismatch of the non-federal policy on energy and everywhere we don't need it. we don't have keystone yet and we can't get the refiners and they used to have the right oil and they're all for heavy oil. >> you mentioned two problems that require the federal government to have a response. an energy policy and an immigration policy. neither of which yet exists. >> no. 6:30 dinner is sacrosanct at the white house, and we know when we have congress people on they seem to want to spitball each other and throw mud. i don't see the consensus developing. everyone thinks the market can take care of itself. you can't. the cng, compressed natural gas, so the companies want gas, but they want the -- you can't do what's uponed without the federal government. not subsidies, but just law. >> let's switch gears here and talk about apple. jefferies is cutting its price target from $420 a share from $500 while maintaining a hold on it. asia channel checks have led him to cut revenues to the low end of current qu
of his offices, and residen resident-- residences have, they make his bed, they change his sheets, they set out his table settings. they're waiting for him to reappear any day. his notebook, his cigarettes, everything is there waiting. >> rose: cardinal dolan, the story of whitey bulger tina packer and lawrence wright when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. . >> rose: cardinal timothy dolan the archbishop in new york was in rome for the recent conclave that selected a new pope. i talked with him soon after the vote and dinner with the pope, among the 115 cardinals who selected him, and we talked about the selection of this new pope. >> what does this choice represent for the church, and why do you believe without telling us anything that went on inside, why dow believe he was chosen? >> well, let's look at it from two ways, charlie. first of all you asked me what does this represent, or what does this mean. let me try to answer that one in two w
it ability development -- capability development, a, have you seen any glimpse of possible change in the decision-making and will of the leadership that will decide whether or not they will comply in any sense at all with requests made by the global community, and b, are there concerns relative to the cooperation between north korea and iran relative to holistic missile technology and other aspects that might give iran -- modify the timetable for the ability to get this capability? >> for the first part of your question at the second part for the relationship between north korea and iran, that might be better addressed in closed session. clearly the sanctions have had profound impact on iran's economy. by any measure, whether it is inflation are unemployment availability, commodities, etc. that situation is getting worse. at the same time, these publicly, overtly change in iranian leadership, the supreme leader's approach, we can go into perhaps more detail our discussion in it closed -- in a close setting for some indications that might be of interest to you. i will let it go at
. i hope jim would not mind if i changed only two words in that quote, to let some of whittaker chambers. who, through an act of singular moral courage, earned absolution for any misjudgments he may previously have committed. thanks for your attention. [applause] >> thank you very much. and mr. evans, we'll go into about 3:45 with questions and answers. >> thank you. first of all, it's a pleasure to be back. i had many a class in this building and i'm pleased to say it's exactly the same as it was 60 years ago. [laughter] some things do not change. further touch of nostalgia, i was a freshman year when god and man at ale came out. i read it at the time. everyone was in a complete roar against it, although no one had read it. [laughter] for i did read and said this is exactly what is going on here. and so that was my introduction to bill buckley. home again that when i still an undergraduate, he was a friend of mine for those many years, until he passed away recently. and i, the last time i took the train up from washington to connecticut it was to see bill at stanford some years
it will be changed in the smeet. basically what the speaker wanted the speaker got and that is we now have an austerity budget and that's going to be, i think, a killer to the economy, to job growth. what the house gop is now suggesting in terms of keeping the governments open is they'll provide some flexibility for the pentagon, but they don't want to provide the flexibility for any other part of the budget. why be indiscriminant in these cuts to education, to health care, to research, to other vital program that's we're going to provide flexibility for the defense department and we should provide flexibility in every other department. but frankly, i think the whole sequester in this whole aus tirty budget is a real mistake and ought to be done away with and we ought to move to a balanced program. >> as we look at wall street and we put up this graphic, so everybody can watch what we're watching, seeing the dow up 150 points, opening the a all-time highs today, that's wall street. main street is a completely different picture where we have blue collar everyday americans herg our elected o
, possibly change the mentality of a youth or help a parent to have more of an awareness to where their children are and what they are doing. the adults need to take responsibility and guide these children. i ask every person listening, what if this was your daughter, your sister or your friend? we need to stress the importance of helping those in need and to stand up for what is right. we all have that option to choose. this is the start of a new beginning for my daughter. i ask that you all continue to pray for her and all victims and please respect our privacy as we help our family to heal. thank you. >> reporter: pretty incredible, anderson, that broader message of hope coming from a mother of a victim who has gone through absolute hell. she said two things that really stood out to me. she said help those in need stand up for what is right. when i was here months ago first reporting on this, i sat down with the police chief here in steubenville and he told me what bothered me most about all of this, of course the rape and the fact that there were witnesses and very, very few o
now. to me it means there will be a change, a positive change coming out of this. this decision is actually made. >> fighting for my rights, for the lights of the community and i'm showing i care and that i want equal treatment under the law. >> while we may disagree with other clergy who feel differently we still stand with the couples and the families that are waiting for this day of justice to happen. >> reporter: as you can see people have been bringing rainbow flags, signs, wearing t- shirts, all in support of a reinstatement of gay marriage in the state of california. if not nationwide. i have been looking around the crowd in the area and i haven't seen anybody who is in support of proposition eight. of course that is the gay marriage ban but this is going to last until eight tonight. we will be here and we will bring you more live pictures coming up in the 6:00 news. reporting live. channel 2news. >> some cities in california are showing support for gays and lesbians during the two days of arguments. in long beach the gay flag is hanging at city hall. the mayor there s
of changes he may bring. barry two weeks into his reign, pope francis, as he celebrated his first easter mass, is putting distance between himself and his predecessor. for one thing, the new pope probably would not like the term "reign." he already has done several things to show he's against the imperial nature of the papacy. he's indicated, for example, that he prefers the title of bishop of rome. simpler and less majestic than pope benedict xvi or his holiness. there are plenty of other signs of a different approach. the broad smile and the wave as if he's identifying with specific people in the crowds and the very conscience effort shown once again on easter sunday to reach out and touch the faithful. benedict xvi is still alive and watching from afar but with each move, no matter how symbolic, francis seemed happy to abandon the austere and distant approach of his predecessor. if differences have come up between the two popes, it's not been before the cameras. in addition to their face to face meeting, they've had several phone conversations including one this week that the vatican spoke
sinced i have seen -- 1988. i have seen it three or four times change. why do they put any president in and they keep changing it? now, they put obama in their -- there. ,ou say it is not a racial call but it looks everything base -- that he says, they knock him down area an. we old people deserve to have -- proper medical care. you have other colors. host: this is a statement by the chairman of the policy committee -- host: back to the phones, rick in massachusetts is on our line for independents. go ahead. caller: good morning, everyone. i am in the upper middle income bracket and i support the health care law. until we get to the point where hospitals refuse people with no insurance, we have to make sure that people that can pay for it , pay for it. am a bit disgusted that the largest group against it are that are on medicare. as people know, that is the program that has to be reformed. that is going to cause the country to go broke in the future. if people can look it is rationally, this is what we have to do. thank you. host: we are continuing the conversation on twitter. we hav
back in 1996. >> and when he signed it wasn't a big deal and now it's a big deal, he changes. you know, i'm sorry-- >> evolving standards. >> let me say you don't get attached to it, you don't want to get attached to it, you're a phony, bill clinton. you're a phony, it's the same exact issue. you signed it because you thought it was going to be popular and now it's not so pop that is what sleazy politicians do. >> megyn: and do you feel that way about barack obama and-- >> of course i feel that way, they don't care-- >> but, bill. >> they don't care about gays, if they cared they'd be on board in the beginning. >> megyn: even gays weren't talking as much about marriage in 1996 as today. >> i'm sorry, it's the same exact issue. you can change your mind on the issue, but you've got to explain that in context other than politics. all right? somehow you evolved on this issue. i'm willing to listen to that, but i don't believe any of this is sincere. it's political and it's just awful. >> megyn: well, that was our own bill o'reilly suggesting in an exchange with yours truly earlier this wee
. it will require a change in north korea's priorities, demanding that pyongyang will meet its obligations on denuclearization. this leads to a few important other principles. first, the united states will not accept north korea as a nuclear state. we will not compensate them for returning to dialogue. we will not tolerate north korea for bullying its neighbors. the united states cannot approve without improvement in inter-korean relations. in the meantime, at the u.s. diplomacy on north korea on a wide range of issues continues. close coordination with our treaty allies, including japan, remain absolutely central to our approach. we have expanded our engagement might develop a new dialogue key global actors who have joined the rising chorus of voices, calling on the dprk to comply with obligations. china does remain central to altering or korea's calculus, and close u.s.-china confrontations will remain a key focus of diplomatic efforts. while a denuclearized korea is a goal, so too is the welfare of north korea's 25 million people, the vast majority of whom bear the brunt of the governme
to change that. and i think the real problem is that there isn't that system of checks and balances that we have in our judicial system. >> think that will change ever? ? i do think it will change, but i will say in our system, in the civilian system, a judge can also overturn a jury's verdict, so that is the same. it's just so rarely done and it's an appellate process as opposed to what appears to be just one person being allowed to make that decision. i do think, brooke, that's going to change. >> we'll watch for the changes, sunny hostin and anu, thank you p both. >>> we are just getting breaking news. breaking news here, after months and months after the attack on benghazi, new word on someone in custody. more on that after this break. that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink. are you kidding? no. nah. [ telephone rings ] no. not my style. no. [ cellphone rings ] [ man ] you might like this one. aveeno®. aveeno®. let me think about it. [ male announcer ] the beautiful jennifer aniston now for aveeno®. [ male announcer
intended to understate losses. they were wrong because they changed their pricing practices after losses began piling up. stop using the midpoint practices -- that excuse me stopped using the mid-point prices they had used up until january and they began using aggressive prices that consistently made the banks reports look better. intel jpmorgan and others stop their personnel from playing those kinds of games derivative values will remain imprecise malleable and untrustworthy set of figures that call into question the derivative profits and losses reported by her largest financial institutions. fourth, when the cio of the synthetic credit portfolio preached five key risk limits, rather than reduce the risky trading activities, jpmorgan neither increase the limits, change the risk models and calculated risk or turned a blind eye to the breaches. as early as january 2012, the rapid growth of the synthetic credit portfolio reached one common measure at risk called value at risk. it caused a breach not just in the cio but for the entire bank. bad for dave breach was reported to top bank off
from light conditions but that is going to change of the hawaii of heenan enjoy illnes we have been enjoyin springlike but thas going t we have been enjoying springlike conditions but that is going to change. '70s in the south bay, indicated by the yellow on your screen. however, by noon. we will see a cool down by 3:00 p.m. card changes. 50s, 60s, and even cooler. let us take a look at futurecast. clouds are increasing. for the evening, 5:00 p.m., there is a slight chance of showers. that will continue for the 7:00 p.m. hour. the computer models of showing some very dry conditions. it is still pretty drive. it is not going to help with the dry conditions with decreasing our chance for rain. i do not think the we're going to see any chance for rain but temperatures are going to be warm by noon. '60s and '70s. 50s near the coast. but we will cool down by five, 10 degrees by 4:00 p.m. a look a your extended forecast. cooler sunday, monday. with a pretty decent storm tuesday towards wednesday. more rain fall possible and lingering showers possible by thursday. >> pam: if you are a regu
is, actually, well what is the thinking about whether things might actually change now after he is dead? >> shepard, you have got to imagine that for years, the latin american state department officers were just waiting for this day to happen. it's hard to think of a more anti-u.s. world figure who has really ruled venezuela and been on the world stage for the past 14 years. this is a man who had a visceral hatred of the united states government. he formed alliances not only with iran but dictators around the world. anyone who would put forward anti-u.s. agenda. finally he is removed from the scene. the big question is what comes after him. he tried in his last days to anoint a successor. nicholas that madiro a former bus driver. hinted today that somehow the u.s. gave or implanted cancer into hugo chavez. what comes after chavez may not be a bargain for the u.s. if its successor gets in power, shepard. >> the poor and under privileged in venezuela will be in morning tonight, no doubt. it's a fact that much of the governmental processes have been turned over to narco traffickers
a plan to change a street named for a nobel peace prize winner. >> it's between grove and heys street. city now considering renaming street because of homophobic comments made by name sake. abc 7 news with the story. >> it's just a one block alley. when dedicated back in 1986 there was a celebration honoring the founder of the solidarity labor movement and at the nobel peace prize winner. the supervisor wants his name removed after valenza went on a rant about gays in the parliament saying they should quote, sit in the back. >> we started to receive calls and e mails asking us if we'd consider renaming what is the alley considering san francisco is a beacon for lgbt community. >> one main tentant is a health center, a transgender clinic. the name change will be veted by several city agencies as well as the public. tonight at 6:00 reaction from the polish american community in this town, what does labor think about stripping a sign from an icon. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 announcement that could mean the end of a bay area drug company following a
, they were there. grace's mom said they have a responsibility to their daughter to fight for change. >> this isn't about completely eliminating the possibility of another newtown. unfortunately, very little in life is certain. however, if together we can make real progress and bring about meaningful change so that it is far less likely that others will have to die so young, so senselessly, then shouldn't we be doing everything we can to bring about that change? >> chris and lynn mcdonnell have been on this program before, sharing with us their enormous grief over the loss of their beloved grace. i talked to them again today. i think so many people who saw the interview that you did in those terrible days immediately afterward were just stunned by your strength and your ability to even speak. how do you move forward every day? >> thank you. i think we move forward for grace and we move forward for our son. you know, every day we look at him and we know that we have to do this for him, and we have to do it to honor grace. if we didn't try to live like we lived when she was with us, i
. and there is a definite change and a definite increase in this diagnosis. >> jim, with your work with the fbi, did you see an uptick? do you think we're seeing an uptick? >> yeah, i think we're seeing an uptick. the evidence that we just saw -- you should look at with women you're more likely to see group or mob behavior. that's when they act out that way. individual women are not as likely to act out that way as men are. but with social media these days, i think they get the feedback right away. they posted that video because they wanted to show off. and i think that adds fuel to the fire. >> stay right there, both of you. we're going to come back in just a moment. we're going to talk to a number of people. we're going to talk about the rise in this behavior and they're going to tell us how we might be able to recognize these straits in people we see every day. researchers say one out of every 100 people is a sociopath. but it may be a lot higher than that. we'll talk about that next. neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history
. there is a definite change and a definite increase in this diagnosis. >> jim, with your work and the fbi, did you see an uptick and do you believe we are seeing an uptick? >> yes, i believe we are seeing ap uptick and the evidence we just saw we should look at with women, you are are more likely to see a group or mob behavior when they act out that way. individual women are not as likely to act out that way as men are, but with the social media these days they get the feedback right away. they posted that video, because they wanted to show off, and that adds fuel to the fire. >> stay right there, both of you, and we will come back in a moment. jim clemente is here, and we will talk to a number of people and talk about the rise in this behavior and they will tell us how to recognize these traits in people that we see everyday and now researchers say 1 of every 100 people is a sociopath, but it may be higher than that. we will talk about that next. . no. sometimes, yeah. yes. well, if you know anybody else who also rides, send them here -- we got great coverage. it's not like bikers love their bikes mo
isn't wearing gloves or changing gloves between patients, that's another red flag, time to find another dentist. >> a developing story. we'll continue to follow it. rich besser saying it's unbelievable tonight. thank you. and we move on next to news today on gun violence. 104 days after the shooting in newtown, connecticut. today the president called for change, surrounded by families of murdered children. among them, families from newtown, who learned today that the shooter, adam lanza, gunned down 20 children in under five minutes. here's abc's white house correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: until today these brutal facts were sealed by the court. gunman adam lanza was not a teenager. he was 20 years old. he fired 154 shots in two, not as some originally reported, three newtown classrooms. five search warrants reveal today he did not wear a bullet-proof vest. only military-style clothing. his bushmaster semiautomatic rifle was accessorized with 30-round magazines, giving him access to thousands of rounds. at home where lanza lived with his mother, the police search found two
murder and obviously with the murders of mike and cynthia mclelland this changes things dramatically here. it has many people on edge. >> ed lavendera, thanks so much. keep us posted as you dig deeper on this story. thanks so much. >>> we're asking more questions as well trying to find out the connections between these two cases that just took place yesterday and that of two months ago. the mayor of a town in kaufman county and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes will join us live. >>> and christians all over the world are celebrating easter today. in rome, pope francis delivered his first easter blessings since becoming pontiff. thousands of worshippers from around the world packed st. peter's square. senior international correspondent jim bittermann is in rome. >> reporter: barely two weeks into his reign, pope francis, as he celebrated his first easter mass, is putting distance between himself and his predecessor. for one thing, the new pope probably wouldn't have liked the term "reign." he he already has done several things to show he's against the imperial nature of the papacy.
the defendant with hundreds of questions about her boyfriend's murder including why her version of event changed three times and why she can't remember some of the most gruesome details. >> how can you say you don't have memory issues when you can't remember how you stabbed him so many times and slashed his throat? >> well, i think that i have a good memory. june 4 is an anomaly for me. i don't think that i have memory issues that are any different from another average person. >> arizona is one of just three states that allows jurors to question witnesses at a criminal trial. >>> several florida beaches are open this morning after thousands of sharks prompted life guards to close them. the sharks are migrating up the coast as the water with starts to warm for the summer. this happens every year which is scary to think about. deerfield beach was one of the cled shorelines because of the shark sightings. >>> another close encounter today. scientists say another asteroid, this one the size of a football field, will whiz past earth this happening. this is happening just days after a smaller rock mad
changes directions all of a sudden the wind will change another direction and blow you across into the other lane. >> reporter: the storm also left parts of new york wind whipped and blanketed under show. on the new jersey shore the battered coastline saw some of the worst flooding since superstorm sandy. >> it's devastating, devastating to see the towns go through this all over again when they're trying to get it together and come back. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of winter storms that hammered the region in the last month and has many looking forward to spring. >> they're saying 50 degrees by the weekend so i'm looking forward to that. it's been a rough winter. >> reporter: so the forecasters say this is going to continue for the rest of the morning, and then the storm is supposed to move out to sea. it's supposed to be nice here this weekend. >> not going to happen. jim axelrod thank you. >>> in europe's westchester count county in new york drivers are facing slick roads up to six inches of snow are expected there. meteorologist jeff gir
all week in making some big changes to traffic in downtown hayward. some girls are been turning into one way streets. it is called the hayward collect. done some drive that now flows one with starting at the intersection of foothill, mission and jackson streets. if the changes would help businesses in the area. the owners we talked to said that the businesses took a hit at the height of the project. >> the way that they can fix this will take traffic by more businesses. this should help. >> officials said that the street should be back to normal by monday morning. >> it will be everything i arrests in san francisco for tens of thousands of people. the annual st. patrick's day parade makes its way down market street starting at 11:00 a.m.. this is video from last year's eve dance. floats, dancers and musicians will start from market and second streets and end at civic center plaza. city fire chief joe and hayes-white is a grand marshal of the parade this year. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. today, though the police department begins a new strategy to fight crime. will have
? there were a lot proposals during the campaign. people under 55. under 50. change the retirement age from 65 to 67. all kinds of things. >> put legislative language and movement. bill: in the house they have. they wrote it down. >> has raised the retirement age to 67? bill: they moved on that. the senate hasn't budged. that is the big point. that is what leads to comments like you heard last week about the donkey. you have a sore thumb worrying about the darn thing. see you at 5:00, beckel. mk. see you soon. don't bite that guy next time. >> i will try not. bill: he is soft on the inside as you know. see you later. martha: like a teddy bear. six months later still no answers. now, a democratic lawmaker is calling out the process. why he says it is painfully slow. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. bill: which have new information out of venezuela. it is significant being red on television
. more important, he wants to move on to climate change, to immigration reform, to gun safety. the president's window to claim a legacy is brief and the time is now. >>> and the beat goes on. once again the right wing loves a story so much it doesn't boder to find out whether it's true. >>> finally, mea culpa, mea culpa, mia maxima culpa. jon stewart takes on the media for obsessing about president obama's star wars/star trek mix-up while ignoring john boehner calling taxation theft. >>> but first, more on the breaking news story from venezuela. hugo chavez is dead. the venezuelan vice president made the announcement just moments ago. eugene robinson met and knew hugo chavez when he was foreign editor of "the washington post." eugene, what reaction do you have right off the cuff? >> this is a very big story actually. hugo chavez was a fascinating character who first tried to stage a coup to take power in venezuela. that didn't work. he was in the wilderness for several years. he came back, he ran for president, and he became an ally of the castro brothers in cuba and sort of f
in southern california. coming up at 7:19. how this could change the way we respond to quakes in the future. >>> we're following developing news. we're getting word of another carnival cruise ship in trouble. this time it's a cruise ship stucks in phillipsburg on the island of saint martin in the eastern caribbean. several passengers are telling stories of power outages and overflowing toilets. this is file video of the carnival dream. the coast guard has been in touch with the ship's captain and he told them of trouble with the propulsion system. this comes a month after a fire crippled a ship in the gulf of mexico. coming up at 7:45, we'll have an update on this ship's situation. >>> to our continuing coverage of the election of a new pope. this morning, pope francis delivered a bouquet of flowers to the altar at a basilica in rome. he prayed for the virgin mary for the health and safety of rome. the pope is known as being a very humble man. the vatican didn't release any photos of his ride to the church. we're told he took a simple vatican car, rather than the famous pope mobile this is
energies. >> i have had quite a few in the question is has there been a change over the time and not? i have time to look far do a lot of encouragement. a little after 15 years ago. to say where and who in and say i'm not going to bite you. and please and so forth. i see the extent to which requires an effort is improved last. but it still does require something of an effort. less than it did, but consciousnesses import. so i think it could encourage people at these levels then you'll see you're not doing anybody a favor. the effort pays off. it's worthwhile. >> that's the issue we discussed about applying the quote. we know right now it applies as an advisory situation. the different in the past change on that whole issue of applying the judicial comment? >> i've never had a problem with it because in my own professional career, i'm absolutely confident in the career in the manner in which we consider those absolute binding. they can and be made by members of the relevant judicial committee urges district judges. we think it's potentially difficult for circuit judges to make rules that
that this government has sent to north korea is that it needs to change its rhetoric and take the. reporter: lowering the temperature has proven challenging, skwro*fpblt. jon: what about the members o jon. jon: what are the members of congress saying. >> reporter: they say countering the threat costs more than four years ago a price tag of $205 million. one former lawmaker says the u.s.' enemies are looking to exploit any holes in america's national security. >> people are out there looking for the opportunities, gaffes and weakness. we should have continued to have a defense shield and show peace through strength which is what ronald reagan promote ned that speech back 30 years ago as a deterrent. >> reporter: the administration had planned to beef up inch centers to 44 but president obama stopped the deployment when he took office in 2009. jon: mike emanuel in washington. thank you. coming up later in the hour general jack keane joins us with his take on the growing threat from north korea and the pentagon's efforts to ramp up security. jenna: the president wrapping up three davis visits to capitol
change is coming to the golden gate bridge. when you cross the bridge to next wednesday morning the toll takers will be gone and so will the 15 mi. an hour speed limit. >> we're also following march madness 0 kron 4 morning news. four games we played today at h.p. pavilion in san jose. we will be right back. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. let's get a bit with weather and traffic. >> a bigger back up an expected that this early hour, a bay bridge is a hot spot. there was an accident on the incline section of the bridge. it is cleared up the traffic is backed up all the way into the macarthur maze. 580 westbound back up in the highway 24. even 24 is low approaching the maze. over 22 minutes drive time coming from the maze of the upper deck. >> we're noticing a decrease in cloud cover with temperatures mainly in the '40's. we have areas of fog but a lot of that is starting to burn off. warmer, sunny conditions into the afternoon. clear skies
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